Query Reg. DataSources

Hi Guys,

Actually while going through the FORMS in axapta, I have one query which I would like to discuss.

If I have 2 DataSources namely SALES TABLE & SALESLINE, Then I have one query reg. that, while creating a FORM, which datasource will we take FIRST & which one at last ?

I shall be very grateful if you guys also clear my concept regarding “LINK TYPES” used in forms… :slight_smile:

Reply Pease

Have a look at the standard SalesTable form.

Link Types are discussed here, http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa608858(v=ax.10).aspx

Hi Sudhanshu,

Link Types are basically used to control how the child datasource is going to be updated. For example, for a particular Sales Order (SO) there are 10 lines and for another Sales Order there are 15 lines. If u select Link Type as ‘Active’, then all the lines for an particular Sales Order are going to be updated/selected/shown first before you can move on to the next Sales order. This consumes time in case thee exists a good amount of lines for a SO.

If you select ‘Delayed’ then then all the lines for any order are not going to be shown immediately. Infact there is a short delay. Only if you half for some seconds then only you would be able to see those lines against any sales order. So in case you only need to see the SO and no lines, then delayed one is preferred as it is faster performance wise(as the lines dont have to be updated with every selected SO).

In case of ‘Passive’ the lines are not updated automatically.