Query on re-scheduling of Prod Orders in case of breakdown Ax 2009

Is there any provision in AX to re-schedule the production orders automatically if there is any breakdown of the work center group? Eg: There is a work center group WCG00017, and if the working time of this work center group is reduced by 6 hours due to breakdown, will all the schedules production orders be shifted by 6 hours automatically?

There’s no mechanism to automatically reschedule production orders if the capacity changes on a particular work center group or resource group.

To reschedule this work, you’d have to run the periodic scheduling job found in “Production”–>“Periodic”–>“Scheduling” and then operations or job scheduling, depending on what you have.

If you have just a single order you’d like to reschedule, you could try using the Gantt chart on the work center group and then right click after you drag the time to the new start time and click “reschedule next jobs.”