Query on Purchase Invoice Posting in Ax2012 through code

Hello Guys,

I have a subject query. while posting invoice i want to update some customized table along with invoice.

as per Ax2012 new formletter staructure i put the debugger on PurchInvoiceJournalPost class . but it seems it’s not calling this class while posting an invoice.

I observed while posting PurchFormLetter Run() and Main () method get call. with current Purchase order reference e.g RecId

What I want : I want to update customized table with receptive Invoice Id reference.

please suggest me class object name and respective method.



You probably run the logic in CIL and try to debug it with the X++ debugger, which can’t work.

If it’s the case, either use a CIL debugger (Visual Studio) or uncheck Execute business operations in CIL in user options.

Thanks Martin. It worked.