Query on form and Temporary table


I have Temporary table (the outer table : tmpTable1), which link Table2 (the inner table).

I have created a query class (join), that I join the two tables.

I put the query on the form.

  1. When should I create data on the temporary table (on init method of the form?) ?

  2. I see that there are links nodes on any of the datasources, and I can see that the default is none - When and how should I change the links node in order them not be “None” as default, to see data on my form?

Need sample, please.

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In Init method of the form, use the tmpTable.setTmpData method to set the data which will show the records.

  1. When using setTmpData, I get the message “Are you sure you want to delete this record?” - Why?

  2. I didn’t understand about the solution as I have asked on this thread about links nodes, and why is linktype = none.

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check above link for example for form with temporary table

Problems :

  1. I want to have two datasource : One for temp table data, and second for a linked table.

Both table are on the grid of the form.

After I populate data into the temp table (on linkActive method), I see only the temporary table on the grid - What may be the cause.

The second table : linked type “delayed”, or “active” are incorrect. Even I have tried to change it from passive into active in code, just after the “linkActive” method of the temp table.

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