Query on consolidation

Is it possible to consolidate data(for example the G/L Accounts balance)for 2-3 companies,existing in the same Navision database. If possible then pls give me a valuable suggession.

Set property DataPerCompany to FALSE for table which data you want to consolidate.

  1. Have all companies ready in the database 2. From the Chart of Accounts, on each account inthe companmies to consolidate, identify the accounts to be consolidated to using the Cons Debit Ac. or Cons Credit ccount field (can see on card) 3. Complete as above as well for any standard dimensions 4. From the comapny where to consolidate, go to per. act and setupur business units, clearly state percentage to consolidate and curr of each unit (=to each company) if they are in different currencies. You must in this case have all the relevant rates setup. Hope this helps you, am in a hurry. Robert