Query Invoices Paid Against a PO

Does anyone know the best (any!) way to be able to look up what invoices were posted against a purchase order? I have clicked around everywhere and have not been able to figure this out. I can see there were invoices posted against it, but not what invoice numbers they were.

On the Purchase Order form, click the button



If the purchase order is fully received and invoiced it will no longer be there, in this case go to the posted invoices and filter on the order number, the F5 will then list all the invoices processed.

Well Steven was guiding you to the right stop.

You will need to go to the Posted Invoices.

If you know the vendor code, perform a field filter on the Vendor No.

Then press F5 (list) the system will show only the posted invoices against the vendor.


You know Navision Purchase Order No.

Go to the posted invoice screen. Filter on the field “Order No.”.

This should show you all Purchase Order No. matching when you do a F5 (list).
Good Luck.