Query Id ' salesQuery' does not exist


I developed an SSRS Reports and it uses AX2012 AOT Query named “SalesQuery” and the reports were deployed to Report Server. In Development environment it is working fine but in Report Manager that report is not exceuting and it shows Error Message “Query Id ’ SalesQuery’ does not exist


In ax 2012 i think there is no "SalesQuery" in standard ax under AOT>Queries.

thank you.

Dear santhosh,

`“SalesQuery” is not a standard query . It is an user query.



Hi , i also face similar problem and the error that is shown is as below

Query with id ------------ does not exist.

Can you guide any solution for this please


Has anyone found a solution for this problem, I am also facing this issue, reports are working fine in development environment but when I run same report in report manager, it tells me that query with id xxx does not exist.


I’m facing the same problem. Has anyone found a solution?

Thank you.