Query fields in report dialog

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I am running a report that uses a Query to feed the data, so before the SSRS is executed, it has a dialog offering “select” button, and we can select the range for these fields, the fields showing up are coming from the [custInvoiceTrans] table, but on the Query, there is no range defined for this report(in contast to what I imagined). So, where could be these fields defined to show up in the dialog(as attached).

I checked the contract / DP classes already, but didn’t find anything related.

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If no ranges are defined at the query level, the fields from the first enabled index(see the index id) will be added as the ranges.

I see, thank you very much, Kranthi!

Are you using any controller class to Invoke the report ? If so you can always clear the ranges of the query in run report that will take of your ranges