Query Engine Error

When trying to create a Crystal Report from a Navision table, I get an error message that says: Query Engine Error: ‘22003:[Navision Software a/s] [Navision Financials ODBC Driver] Out of Range’ Does this mean the table is too large? Is there any way to fix this? Any help is greatly appreciated. Gerry

I have exactly the same problem, and have no answer yet…

Have you tried to set the dbms-cache in the C/ODBC-Options? Maybe this helps?!? Regards, Frank

no, haven’t tried that yet. What would you set it at? Gerry

I do not think the size of a table is the problem. We get that message on some pc’s and not on others. Also try to keep up with Monthly Hotfix’s Crystal Decisions puts out.

So do I. I’m having this similar problem in just some pc’s. It din’t help even though I increased the dbms cache size to maximum. It happened on certain tables, not all. Any idea?