Query Builder for NAV


Is there any tool that can connect to NAV database (via N/ODBC or SQL Server) by which user can build query for NAV database?

Or is there any other option within Navision that lets user select tables (multiple tables at once), fields and run query?

Please suggest.

For Native database there is only N/ODBC connection available and thus no front-end tools exist.

For MS SQL database you can use standard MS SQL tools like Enterprise Manager’s / Management Studio’s Query builder, but pay attention to namings - in SQL some chars in Table/Field names are substituted (underscore insted of dot - No_ versus No.)

Besides, every table name is preceded by CompanyName$, so you have full set of tables for every Company created in your database. This adds problems, as you can’t create universal scripts accessing data in any Company without using dynamic naming, which, in turn, are then compiled on every run and so runs slover as precompiled ones.

WARNING! Direct manipulation of Navision data in SQL, bypassing Navision logics can (will!) crash your database integrity - use SELECT only, no INSERT/UPDATE/DELETE !