Query about translation database

hi What is an translation database for NLW (Navsion Localization Workbench) and where from i can get it. I have the NLW kit but it does not contain any database. Is it possible to translate objects from a local language to English without the translation database. WR Hari

Hi Hari, the translation database gets created when you import one of the language files into NLW. To start a project you need first to load you starting language, therefore export from the object designer guide the source language (Object Designers Guide, mark all objects, Tools, Translate, Export). This will create a 3-4Mb txt file with all the CaptionML’s and TextConstants. You will be able to load this file into NLW and the translation database will be created, by the way, it is an access database. By the way, the manual describes these procedures quite will [;)] Saludos Nils