query about dimensions.... 2012....

How many type of dimension… is there in ax 2012… what are they… where can I see that dimensions …

Can you be more precise?

Are you looking for Financial Dimensions or Inventory DImensions?

Do you mean financial dimensions, storage dimensions, space dimensions or what? Please spend a few minutes formulating your question.

Have you already seen the documentation for the type of dimension you’re interested in?

I tried Google it how many type of dimensions are there in 2012… what are they

But i didn’t get any related info about that …

I am looking for dimensions what are they … how many type they divided…

I am looking for all type of dimensions … how many types they divided…

This question can’t be answered - “dimension” can be anything.

hi martin

plz let me know what are the financial dimensions , storage dimensions, inventory dimensions

These links to AX documentation should answer at least some questions of yours:

Create a financial dimension [AX 2012]

About inventory dimensions and dimension groups [AX 2012]

You could use these links for the understanding of financial and Inventory dimensions in ax 2012.

Financial Dimensions:


Inventory Dimensions: