Query about arg() method......

when we write element. in form arg() method will appear . I mean element.arg() from where that arg() method coming ( Where that arg() method located ). I checked in Args class . But i didn’t find . Please let me know where arg() – method is located …

The Arguments class is build in every Form, Report or Query. It is used to pass information from one object to the other.

And the method arg() indeed contains an instance of the Args class.

You can give this class values like:

While implementing a class object, the static main method will also have the Args object.
The function of the Args are the same, to pass information from one object to another.

AX uses this object allot when navigating from one form to another from. Via the Args, the record of the first form is given to the second which is then often used to retreive for instance detailed information.

I hope this cleares it up a little …

element here is the formRun, which further extend the objectRun. ObjectRun is a system class, you can find args method in that class.

Thanks for your fast reply