Queries in Commerce Portal

Hi All I am trying to install commerce portal but not been successful till now. I am following the manuals of Commerce Portal. I have some queries. At the time of installation of Commerce Server 2002, SQL server and unpacking the pup files of Commerce Portal what method of authentication should one choose - Windows authentication or Database authentication? Should there be a uniformity in the mode of authentication in all the above three installations? Actually I have used SQL authentication for Commerce Server, Windows authentication for SQL Server. And SQL authentication while unpacking the pup files. I am getting warning message for Navision Applicaton Server service for SQL(NAS-SQL) when I run the service although the service gets started. It says “This message is for C/AL programmers: The call to member OpenNamedPipe failed. NPipeBusAdapter.NamePipeBusAdapter.1 returned the following message: Could not open pipe”. The appliczsion server manager for NAS-SQl shows TCP as Net Type Also for configuring NAS-SQL what should be the server name and Database name. Also at the time of unpacking pup files i am getting error while creating Resorurce “Datawarehouse” . It says something like “error in OLAP server”. I had to finally skip that resource. How significant is this Resource? Also when i am done with my installation with some error. The document says to syncronise my master database. What is my master database. Is it the Commerce Portal database which is created while unpacking the pup files while it was creating the sites. Or is it talking of my native database which i had created while installing my navision client and navision server. Or is it talking about the default database of SQL server called “master”. How do I do this Synchronisation? Thanks in advance. Hope to get some help and clarifications. Best Regards, Rakesh