Queires And RDP Classes


Can any one tell me the exact difference between the Queires and RDP classes i SSRS Reports

and when we use Queires and RDP Classes

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Hi. The difference is the datasource type - as you mentioned that yourself, in one case you have an AX query directly as a datasource for your report, but in the other case you have those special RDP classes that act as datasources and pass fetched data to the report through temporary tables.

As long as you can prepare an AX query that can properly fetch all the necessary data that you need for your report (…and no matter how complex the query is - you can even use sub-queries, views and lots of tables joined together in 1 query) - choose query as a datasource, because according to Microsoft, SSRS reports with AX Query in datasource work faster than ones with RDP classes. Keep also in mind that as a part of data source, you can also use all the display methods from the tables which you use in your query. You would be surprised, how much actually is achievable with queries. A couple of months ago I built an SSRS report which had an AX query as datasource which consisted of VIEWS, SUBQUERIES and TABLES, all in all I had around 14 tables working underneath the hood :slight_smile: and the report didn’t have a single X++ code line !

Choose RDP class as a datasource when there is no easy 1:1 approach to fetch data from an AX query. RDP is a common data fetching method if you have more complex data fetching scenarios - if you have to do complex calculations, groupings, summaries, conditional output etc, etc. Basically, in the RDP class you write an X++ code which retrieves data from AX in whatever-the-way with whatever the conditions and datasources. The fetched data is then saved into the temp table, which is then later on passed to the report. RDP offers a very flexible approach to fetch the data for your report.

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