Quarantine Orders results

Can anyone guide how to achieve below results from AX quarantine order.

Total Quantity = 10

Accepted = 7

Rejected = 2

Rework = 1

Further I want to send the rejected quantity back to the supplier with all linking of the same invoice.

Thanks in advance

You don’t have any straight forward functionality that caters your requirement. You will need to go for customization.

Below is the link on some previous discussions on the same.


Thanks Santosh for sharing the post.

can you guide me if at least below is possible…

Total Quantity = 10

Accepted = 7

Rejected = 3

Yes, and you raise the 3 on a purchase return - they are in stock, you need to get them out.

No chance Shrikanth…As far as i know, you have only two options either to scrap the damaged quantity or take the goods on charge.

You split the order and move the 3 into a returns warehouse and purchase return them out of there.

Adam, How do you want the 3 items to be moved into return warehouse…? I mean, In the quarantine orders…we can not change the warehouse. So, from where this needs to be done?

rightly said Santosh.

Also my requirement is Finance will book invoice for 10 quantity and will pay for 7 only and 3 will be debited against Purchase Return (Excise Invoice in India)

Well in 2009 you would alter the stock dimensions on the split order. I can see you can no longer do this in AX2012, so I presume Microsoft expect you to book it back into your main warehouse and then return it out of there. (Never liked quarantine orders and this makes them even less flexible!!)