Quarantine Order

Dear All,

We have multiple warehouse in our environment. We want to create Quarantine Order for all transactions coming into one particular warehouse like. By default Quarantine order is created for purchase order packing slip, is it possible to create automatic quarantine order for transfer order from another warehouse, sales order return and other inventory journals?

These thing are not integrated with quanrantine management…


I believe we can get create the automatic quarantine order for Sales order returns. but i do not think it works with transfer and other inventory journals.


Thanks Kranthi and JK

The automatic functionality will not work with transfers, AX will automatically place the product in the quarantine whse just for purchase orders or for production orders for receptions.

You can use inter-company functionality (a sales order at site 1 automatically creates a purchase order at site 2 in order to receive the product) therefore as it will be received with a PO you can have quarantine functionality working.