Quarantine order does not have the Quality order information

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I created the PO ( No - P001) and Posted the Packing Slip .when I click on the purchase order Enquiries it is Showing the Quality Order ? but When I click the Inquiries in the Quarantine order form ( against that PO No) , it is not showing any qualitir oders against that Purchase order ?
Throw some light on this.

The Inquiry form the quarantine order shows quality orders riased AGAINST the quarantine order, your quality order is not against the quarantine order it is against the purchase order, so is only visible there.

Thanks for the reply.

That means if the quality order created against that purchase order , then you can not see link between Quarantine order and Quality order . Am I right ?

There is no link, they are both related to the purchase order in your example. You have not created it from the quarantine order.


Could you tell me correct process of creating the Quality orders ?

From what perspective?

Hi ,

what i am looking is how i can have the link between Quarantine order and Quality order when i created from the Purchase order ?

Please guide me about the steps.

Are you creating the quality order against a quarantine order or directly from the purchase order?

There is none. If you set the association up to create the quality order from the quarantine order there will be one, otherwise both are linked to teh purchase order, this is the focus, looking from the quarantine order you would not see the quality order as it is not related to the quarantine order, it is the purchase order that holds it.

Hi kranthi,

I am created the Purchase order and posted the Packing slip , System automatically creating the Quanrantine order and Quality order .

My Question is there is no link between Quarantine order and Quanlity order ?

How to achieve this?

Which part of this do you not understand.

Your quality order is raised from your PO, so is visible from it.

Your quarantine order is related to your PO.

You have NOT raised the Quality order from the Quarantine order.

If you want a link between the quality and quarantine order then raise the quality order against the quarantine order.

The quality order is related to ONE source document, not multiple.

Thanks Sir,

I understood that system does not have any link between Quarantine order and Quality order if these are created from the Purchase order .