Quarantine NAV In-Transit

I would like to know what is the best practice in NAV to create a Quarantine location? I want to see it in my inventory, but I want to see it as unusable.

I create a location Quarantine that I set to “In-transit” , so the requisition worksheet tell me to buy this item even if I have some in my inventory.


In-Transit is for different purpose. Actually it is meant to be a virtual location, a middle-point for transfer orders. Items transferred between two locations “sit” there when Transfer Order shipment is posted and until receipt is posted later. It is handy, when two locations are physically distant, maybe in different cities. While goods are transported (by truck or whatsoever), they are no more in source loc and not yet in target loc, but in this virtual location set as In-Transit.

Without modifications there is no way to set up a Location, which contents are not available for consumption./sale, but still visible to purchase planning routines. Quarantine is only one of possible cases when such mods are required, there might be damaged merchandise awaiting return to manufacturer for warranty repair and so on.

Thanks for the answer.

I understand it’s not met for that, but can I use it this way without breaking anything else?

Or the only way is to make some modification?

Thanks again.


Modris is correct. It is not best practice to use the In-Transit option on Locations for Quarantine. And NAV doesn’t have any standard Quarantine/Quality Control functionality build into the solution.

A modification which would create a field to mark a location as a Quarantine Location and then including this option whenever an items availability is calculated would be required.