Quarantine management


One purchase line results in the generation of two Quarantine orders when the delivered quantity is larger than the ordered quantity! This occurs when the Quarantine orders are generated from the purchase order lines.

Is there any way to make the system generate only one Quarantine order, independend of the delivered quantity?

Never see this behavior… is the item lot controlled? Maybe two different batches were received, and that is why you have two quarantine orders, one for each batch.

Is your marking in Master Planning set to extended? If it is then it needs to treat the balance of supply and demand split by the requirements in quarantine management so that if 1 is scrapped it knows the impact. Standard may also do this - try it with None set.

Thank you for your reply. The marking in the Master Planning is currently set to NONE.

Example when it occurs : Purchaseorder has one line with a quantity of 100. Packing slip quantity which comes has a delivered quantity of 110. The system generates two lines in the inventTrans table, one with the original qty (100) and one with qty (10), two QuanrantinLines with these quantitys generated as well. Quarantine management is marked for the ItemGroup of these ordered Items. What should I do? Is this a known bug? Can you reproduce this situation?

Best regards, Martin

I try to simulate your problem in AX 2012, product receipt qty still 100 (as Purchase order qty). But I try to change qty 110 using registration while product receipt. And then in parameter product receipt choose registered qty. System just generate one quality order, I think it also will generate one quarantine order when use quarantine management.