Quantity to Ship must be Zero error

Hi, Does anyone got the “Quantity to Ship must be Zero” error when try to post sales returns? What we have to do to solve this problem is go to the table and clear out the value on Qty. To Ship(Base). Does anyone knows what could possibly cause this? This is on 3.6. Thanks,

As it is a return did you use the copy document function, or have you had some custom work like that done? It seems like you have copied the detail from the Sales Order, including the shipping Information? This should be dealt with in the copy document process, if I am right contact your reseller for a fix. In the meantime just create the returns and line manually, instead of using the function.

If the item is serialized you won’t be able to post more than 0 if you define the tracking but you don’t set the quantity to handle to be the same as the quanty you want to return/ship.