Quantity To Receive Field Should Not Update In Purchase Lines

Dear All,

In Nav2009 R2.I am Importing Purchase Lines with data port to purchase line table.Here purchase line automatically updating the Qty.to Receive field also.How can i disable the qty to receive field while i am importing lines to purchase line table.can anybody suggest me to do resolve this error.


You have validated Quantity field, hence this has effected all the related field as per standards.

But why do you want to disable this ?

Why you want to disturb standard functionality ???

Hi Dharmender,

No need to “disturb” standard functionality.

All you have to do is to change the “Default Qty. to Ship/Rcv.” field in the “Purchase & Payables Setup” table. Here you can change this field from “Reminder” to “Blank”. This will change the default!

Thanks Erik.