quantity remaining equal invoiced quantity after invoicing purchase order

Hi guys when i make receive in purchase order to quantity 8 it become 8 after i make invoiced 8 quantity in field invoiced and 8 quantity in field remaining are this is wrong remaining quantity after invoice all quantity in purchase order must e 0 why it equal invoiced quantity or this normal.

are this behavior wrong or true


actually didn’t got the question.

I make receive to 8 quantity then make invoice to this 8 quantity again same order

after this i go to database i found that quantity and remaining quantity and invoiced quantity all =8

are this wrong i think remaining quantity must be 0

If you are checking these quantity in Purchase Order then have you posted receipt & invoice from the same PO screen.

Yes i make posted recipt and invoice to sam po screen.but my request is why item ledger entry not have 0 in remaining amount it supposed to be invoiced meaning

remaining quantity 8 - invoiced(qty)8 = 0

In Item Ledger Entry ,Remaining quantity means you have not consumed that item’s quantity for production or have not issued to your shop floor.

ok but when it will become this value of remaining =0 are when paying to vendor

It has nothing to do with vendor payment.

If you issue that particular item then only the remaining quantity will get lesser / zero.

OK thanks

Verify if you understood.