"Quantity must not be empty" when creating PO credit note

Dear All,

I have an invoiced purchase order I need to create a credit note for it, so i created a new Purchase order and click credit note. then choose the original PO i need to cancel. when click OK I got that error “Quantity must not be empty. Update has been canceled.” although the quantity is not empty.


Can you post a screen shot of credit note form?

I couldn’t reproduce this error. But this error generally can happen if you are trying to split an inventory transaction and the split quantity is zero. Some how in your case while creating the purchase order, the system is trying to split one of the inventory transactions(that is created by the purchase order lines) and resulting this error.
I would suggest to have a developer to investigate the issue and find cause of incorrect split.

yes I guess this is the case, because the purchase order is having to receipt lists one has been corrected and its quantity got reduced to zeros and another one with the received quantity. may be for some reason the system is checking or pointing to the reduced receipt list although it is not shown in the lines of the credit note.

There could also be a data issue. Have a developer to investigate.