Quantity in General Ledger

IS there an easy way to populate the quantity field within the GL entry table from a purchase or sales invoice? There is a qty field within the table but does not populate.

Any help would be most appreciated



Please let us know more about your requirement.

If it is about copying (populating) quantity field from Purchase Line table, than that is something which can’t be done. The no. of lines in G/L Entry table are not equal to no. of lines in Purchase Line table, and there is no direct relation between them.

That Quantity-field in table 17 was created in ancient times, back in the '80’ies. Purpose with this field is to create staistics. The field has (as far as I know) never been visible in standard NAV.

Take this scenario:
You receive an invoice from a vendor for fuel.
You post this invoice into a G/L Journal, vendor-account and expence-account for fuel.
In the quantity-field on the journal-line containing the expence-account you may register the amount of fuel (liters, gallons, …)
Now you can see the amounts used for fuel in your G/L Entries. But also the quantities.