Quantity Assigned

Hello all,

I`ve got to put a quantity to assign but how can I get to put a quantity in the “Quantity assigned field”?.

Thanks in advanced.

The Quantity to assign is used with Charge Item option. You can read more on this from online help -Assigning Item Charges to Sales/Purchase Documents

hi Nikolas,

thanks for your answer.

Well,Ive seen the online help but I dont find the solution. Lets see: Ive created a purchase order with 2 lines. One of them is a product and the another is a charge (Item). I press the line button>item charge assignment and I assign a quantity in the “Qty. to assign” field. Then this field is informed in the purchase order, but I don`t find the step which I can inform the “Qty. Assigned” field.

Thanks in advance.