Quantity and Invoiced Quantity is Different in ILE

Hi Guys,

I have a problem with my inventory, When I checked my ILE, the Quantity and Quantity invoiced are different. This is because the Quantity used the Old UOM conversion and the Invoiced quantity used the new conversion. My initial hint is that when I used the Get Shipment Line during invoicing, system re-validated the UOM conversion.

My first question is, when I used the Get Shipment Lines, why does the system allow us to revalidate the UOM conversion when in fat Quantity (Base) is already determined on the Posted Shipment?

Second, What is the best solution to correct my ILE, since my Stock movement and my Inventory Valuation report would not tally?

Hope everyone can share their experience on this. Thank you.




haven’t encountered diferences with UoM, but when Qty. is different from Invoiced Qty. usually it is because the Invoice isn’t created yet for these items - the Order or Inovice hasn’t been fully posted.


I have exactly the same scenario. What I plan to do is (but i have tested already) is to post sales return with the same qty per uom during shipment and and created credit memo, get return receipt lines ang change the qty per unit of the said UOM.

You can do sample testing also.