Quantity Adjustments Maintain issue

Hi Guyz,

Our company having yearly inventory then we have old item if we add another item in Quantity adjustments the old one will be delete and the new one will be record so we need to add that two. their a way that if we input the old item and new item will be add?

Hi, can you please make it more clear?

in Inventory management module their are existing number of item… if i’m gonna add in the existing item new quantity they will not combine instead, the new input quantity will be remain…

May be you can explain with an example?

If i am getting your question, are you taking about Quantity Adjustment of a Item am i correct ?

If yes then put summation (old + new) quantity of a Item into the filed.

Still not clear for me i am afraid.

So I have an item called ITEMA, it is held in Site A and Warehouse A and I have 10 in stock there. I pick an inventory adjustment journal and type in 12 and post the journal. This gives me a total of 22 because I have adjusted 12 onto the existing 10.

What are you doing differently?