Quality Order from purchase order


After creating a purchase order and confirm the arrival overview the quality order is created for my item.
I want when I receive my ordered quantity, split the quantity and the quantity in the store area normal area, and store the other part of the amount in the zone area of the test instrument.
Example: I ordered my order 100pcs and quality I defined the test result on a percentage of 10% of the order.
90 pcs will be stored in the stock.
10 pcs will be stored in the location of the test instrument. its 10 pcs that will be taken as a sample.
Thank you for your help

I think you have two options.

  1. Manually move the 10 to the segregated warehouse (understanding the impact on MRP) and then raising the quality order (or use the original)

  2. Use quarantine management and then split it and then complete part back to stores and raise a quality order from the quarantine order for the test area.