Quality measure option in routing


There is an option called quality measure in operation button of routing where and how it is used

That will be a modification or a localisation - what does it say when you press F1?

Qlty Measure Code Field

Here you can enter the quality measure code.

Click the AssistButton to the right of the field to see the codes in the Quality Measure table. In this table you can define codes for all types of quality measures, for example, size or color.

It is saying like this

Oh yes I remember something they introduced in 4 I think and I have not used. The idea is to set some tolerances up and the system will scrap or cost depending upon the setting of these tolerances - never set it up or tried it personnally, it may even have a tie in with the WMS and bin idea of qualtiy movement. My advice would be to set one and then run production and analyse what happens.