Quality check for an item

Dear Experts, Does Navision ver 4.0 support a quality check for an item???Say for instance when an item is purchased and received in the warehouse that item is checked for certain Quality parameters…and rejected immediately if the item does not satisfy even one of the say 5 Quality check parameters. Can Navision support this? if yes which module supports it and Where I can feed in the Quality check parameters so that in future my tracebility for the item is facilitated??? Shilpa

There is some quality assurance functionality around the routing of items for the production. Does that help ?

Bad news. This is not supported as part of the standard product. The solution offered most often is ‘book into a dedicated location’ and process quality assessment and returns from that location. It will be possible to add an additional form / table to the purchase order / out put journal forms that are driven by parameters from the item record.