Quality and Quarantine


I would like to know if there is a standard set up by which items which have been rejected by the Quality can be stopped for invoice in ax 2012.

Also, in ax 2012, in case of a Quarantine order, it is not possible to change the Warehouse, and if an item is scrapped, it is booked as a loss and the related stock is updated only with the qty which is Quarantine Ended status.

The item which has been scrapped is not shown, either in the main warehouse or in the Quarantine.

In such a scenario, is there a way in which i can reject some items and keep the rejected items in the Quarantine Warehouse itself, and the PO invoice is only raised for those items which are in the Main Warehouse.

Please let me know if the same can be achieved using the present functionality and if yes then how. Also, if both Quarantine and Quality will be needed to achieve the desired outcome.

Any help would be appreciated.