Qty. to Receive must have a value in Purchase Line

Dear Nav Group,

Qty. to Receive must have a value in Purchase Line: Document Type=Order, Document No.=106030, Line No.=10000. It cannot be zero or empty.

Please Clarify the Issue?


Have you done some customization?. Or have you imported the purchase line?. In standard database, ‘Quantity to Receive’ will get updated when you enter ‘Quantity’

May be you set value in “Default Qty. to Recieve” BLANK in “Purchase & Recievable Setup”…Set it to REMAINDER.

thanks for your reply. yes we have done some customization on purchase line table.
Actually i created one line in purchase order and posted it. when i reopen the same order and created next line in purchase order it showing the above error message.

Please check if ‘Qty. to Receive’ is not getting updated in second line when you enter ‘Quantity’. If so, you can verify your customized code again and check why ‘Qty. to Receive’ is not auto-populating

As u told,that its happen when u insert a new line…Then according to your sentence this is related with First line which is posted,bcuz after posting here "Qty to recieve " becomes 0…
So u should check code or customization…