Qty shipped (Base) is different from Qty invoiced(Base)

Hi All,

I have posted a sales shipment of 1 box with 24 pcs inside. Quantity shipped (base) 24pcs.

Before posting the sales I change the conversion to 30pcs per box.

I use Sales Invoice then get shipment lines to post the item from my posted shipment then I select the UOM.

After changing the UOM the qty to invoice (base) changed to 30pcs and the system allows me to post the invoice.

Now, the quantity and invoiced quantity on item ledger is different. when I ran the inventory valuation and stock movement report, both qty are different.

What is the reason why the system allows to change the qty base?



Hi Lee,

Which version is this?

In the standard NAV 2009 (and up, haven’t checked any older versions) you can only change the “Quantity (Base)” field if the “Qty. per Unit of Measure” is one. That means that you would only be able to change the field manually if 1 base quantity is the same as 1 quantity.

But the problem you specify above will not happen. Even if you change the “Qty. Per Unit of Measure” to 30 in the “Item Unit of Measure” table after you posted the shipment, then this will not automatically update the “Qty. Per Unit of Measure” field of any existing order lines, here it will stay 24. And the “Qty. Per Unit of Measure” field on the Sales order lines cannot be changed, as the field is not editable.

So either you’re using an old version, or your system has been customized to allow this (with the above error as an unforeseen consequence).