Qty receive Now Message is not showing

Hi All,

I configured this option in Prompt quantity field value when posting documents, so that

Whenever I try to post the packing slip system pop a message enter Qty receive now , by mistake I Select the Do not ask again check box in the dialog box , next time one wards system without prompting dialog box . What I need to do again to get that Dialog box at the time of placing the check mark .


Go to "tools–>options–>usagedata(button)–>General click reset button



Thanks Ram,

I could not find any Reset button as you mentiond.

User Options - Useage Data - All Usage Data Tab and delete the line where Record Type = Form, Name = SysBoxFrom and Name = PurchEditLinesForm_PackingSlip if for example you ticked it during the purchase order delivery note option. Delete this line.