Qty. on Adjustment Bin

Hello, we are having some discussion here about what the “Adjustment Bin” does. If you know anything about this could you pretend that I’m stupid and explain what this field does and how it works? Many thanks for your help!!

Hi, From accounting point of view Warehouse employee should not be able to adjust inventory value by processing negative and positive transactions. At the same time they should be able to record find and lost items. In good warehouse lost/find means misplaced… So if you process negative adjustment in warehouse system will process positive adjustment for Adjustment bin. And If you process positive adjustment for some bin system will process negative adjustment for Adjustment bin. At the end of period or after physical inventory you will have some balance in the Adjustment Bin that has to be researched and Written Off.

Hi Valentin Gvozdev, If I am understanding you correctly, whenever we make a mistake and “lose” parts from a specific bin, we make a negative adjustment. Navision knows you don’t really “lose” something so it makes a corresponding positive adjustment for you to later post to ultimately make both sides of the tranaction balance. Is this correct? What if you really do “lose” the parts, how do you re-set these? I am sad to say that we are seeing positive and negative numbers on a LOT of our bins!!