Qty is Not sufficient Message

Hi ,

I have to transfer one item from one location to another location. For this item Client is not using the Reservations , Item Tracking . This item is consumption item in the production.

The Item Inventory = 500 KGS , but when i enter the value in the QTY field of Transfer order , system throws the following message :

" The quantity on Inventory is not sufficient to cover the netchange in the inventory . Do you still want to record the Quantity"

Please guide me to know the problem , and to over come the situation in future.

Thanks in Advance.

This issue has been discussed many times on this website, please use SEARCH.

Look for Inventory at the source location of transfer order.

Thank you Raj,

I had searched for the Solution regarding this.

I could not get the solution. Could you throw some light regarding the problem.

Hi Hansika,

What Raj wants to say is,

Just check the Quantity (Inventory) for that Item for the particular location from where you are transferring it…!!

Got it…???