hi, i develop a report …the data model is like this Fixed Asset - FA Depreciation Book for some reason, i can’t make the group footer comes out even though i have place the fields inside the FA Depreciation Book group footer. i placed the details inside the FA depreciation book and a caption for the FA Depreciation Book Group Header. the caption also appears everytime a new line is print. whats the reason for all these happening?

Hello Han. Are you populated the Group Total Fields property of the dataitem FA Depreciation Book? If you don’t indicate here the fields you want to group by, the group footer section never prints. I hope thath this helps you.

yes i have populated it with “FA Posting Group” but the values which r to be placed in the fixed depreciation book are variables not from the table FA Depreciation Book. I made the calcualtion of these variables under onafterrecord event.

Hi, Did You also set appropriate key in DataItemTableWiew property of the data item FA Deprecaion Book. Anu

FADepreciation book - i set the tableview as SORTING(FA Posting Group,Acquisition Date,FA No.) ORDER(Ascending) AND Fixed Asset - SORTING(No.) ORDER(Ascending)

is there anything wrong with my settings i just want the sum whenever there’s a change in FA posting group.

Should you really group by Fixed Asset and then by FA Posting Group?

because i need the reqfields namely No.,FA Class Code,FA Subclass Code from fixed assets thats why i include “Fixed Asset” in my report. i really need to group by FA Posting group in order to get sum by posting group

What does the first level data item is that the data is first grouped by Fixed asset. If it is not what you need, then change the order of the data items. You can filter by the fields in fixed asset table, but data is grouped and summarized by FA Depreciation book table.

i changed the order of the data items but i find that it doesnt help at all. i have this under my section onPreDataItem() OldFAPostingGroup := ‘’; onAfterGetRecord() this is to show the grouptotals. but the grouptotals doesnt come out. IF “FA Posting Group” = OldFAPostingGroup THEN BEGIN // sums up all the columns, and resets the values to zero for each different FA Posting Group sumAcqBalanceStartDate := sumAcqBalanceStartDate + acqBalanceStartDate; sumAcqAddition := sumAcqAddition + acqAddition; sumAcqDisposal := sumAcqDisposal + acqDisposal; sumAcqAdjustment := sumAcqAdjustment + acqAdjustment; sumAcqBalanceAsOfDate := sumAcqBalanceAsOfDate + acqBalanceAsOfDate; sumDepBalanceStartDate := sumDepBalanceStartDate + depBalanceStartDate; sumDepAddition := sumDepAddition + depAddition; sumDepDisposal := sumDepDisposal + depDisposal; sumDepAdjustment := sumDepAdjustment + depAdjustment; sumDepBalanceAsOfDate := sumDepBalanceAsOfDate + depBalanceAsOfDate; sumNetBookValue := sumNetBookValue + NetBookValue; sumMonthDep := sumMonthDep + MonthDep; END;

on my FA Depreciation Book Groupheader OnPreSection() IF “FA Posting Group” <> OldFAPostingGroup THEN BEGIN OldFAPostingGroup := “FA Posting Group”; sumAcqBalanceStartDate := acqBalanceStartDate; sumAcqAddition := acqAddition; sumAcqDisposal := acqDisposal; sumAcqAdjustment := acqAdjustment; sumAcqBalanceAsOfDate := acqBalanceAsOfDate; sumDepBalanceStartDate := depBalanceStartDate; sumDepAddition := depAddition; sumDepDisposal := depDisposal; sumDepAdjustment := depAdjustment; sumDepBalanceAsOfDate := depBalanceAsOfDate; sumNetBookValue := NetBookValue; sumMonthDep := MonthDep; END; but for some reason, the group totals does not come out.

is my settings wrong?

Hi Han, It’s really hard to understand what are you trying to do without seeing your objects. My advice at that point is: try to build your solution from beginning by little steps and look on what step things go wrong. Im really sorry, i can’t help, may-be anybody else here? Anu

can i email u my object?

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