Putting focus on another field then #1 in table

I have a problem with finding a way to code this problem: Example: We have a table ‘Table’ with fields ‘field1’, ‘field2’ and ‘field3’. When we open the form we have focus on ‘field1’ and use this field to go forward and bacwards in the table. But when we are in the form and push F3 (new record) we would like the cursor to have focus on ‘field3’ so the customer have to put that field in first. This way we can control the numberserie that the system should use in ‘field1’. But still we want the cursor to focus on ‘field1’ when we just open the form as it does today. Shortly told… Currform.field1.ACTIVATE in OnNewRecord in the form does not work. And i dont know if i should code this in the form or the table. The form is guess. But what should the code look like? Any suggestions? [:I] Regards Frode Dahl aimit as [8D]

What is the primary key on the table?

Put the code on OnNewRecord CurrForm.“field 1”.ENABLED := false; CurrForm.“field 2”.ACTIVATE; and OnInsert CurrForm.“field 1”.EnaBLEd := true; CurrForm.UPDATECONTROLS; Hope this code will solve ur prob. Cheers