Put purchase invoice on stop and prevent payment


I know about the facility to put a purchase invoice on hold but, as I understand, this only prevents it from being included in the ‘Suggest Vendor Payments’ facility. Is there a way that a purchase invoice can be placed on ‘stop’ to prevent payments being allocated to it? We have had several situations where accounts staff have inadvertently paid invoices that were on hold, which is understandable as we deal with over 700 suppliers.

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You could block the Vendor .

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This would work but, due to the nature of our business, we will have several invoices from vendors at any one time. Only 1 of ,say, 8 purchase invoices may be in dispute and we would want to pay the remaining 7 on time.

Any other ideas?

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You will have to customize this, you can add a boolen field as stop on purchase invoice, and in suggest payment you can skip the invoice which have a check mark in stop, you can use the same check in other data entry for checking the invoice.

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Yes that definitly involves coding, have your developer assigned to this .


Why not manually change the due date to sometime in the future like 1/1/2015.