put group footer at bottom of the page

hi all
how to put group footer at bottom of the page?
because i want to show total every grouping at bottom of the page

It’s not possible. The group footer position changes with data.


i want to make report from gen journal line

grouping by account no

so the amount will be put in the bottom

do you have any idea to do that?

I think the only way is to use two dataitems: one based on table 15 G/L Account and the second one based on table 81 Gen. Journal Line. In this way instead of the group footer you can use the footer of the second dataitem, and the footer can be placed at the bottom of the page.


GL Account for what?

i only use information from gen journal line only

GL Account only to make the grouping of the journal line.


you mean like this?

G/L Account → DataItemIndent 0

Gen. Journal Line → DataItemIndent 1

or like this?

Gen. Journal Line → DataItemIndent 0

G/L Account → DataItemIndent 1

The first one. For each G/L Account you read the Gen. Journal Line filtered for that account (property DataItemLink).