Purpose of registration and multiple PO's registration in AX 2009/ AX 2012

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I am new bee to AX.

What is the purpose of registration of PO? is it mandatory. Can we do multiple registrations of multiple POs at a time, is it possible. If yes, how can we do it in Ax 2009 or in AX 2012.

Please let me know step-by-step process how to do multiple registrations of multiple po’s.

Thanks in advance.

By selecting the Registration requirements check box, the user must register the receipt before inventory is updated through the product receipt on a purchase order. Register a product to record the item’s physical presence at the company. These products are a part of the physical warehouse on-hand. However, the cost will not be updated until they are physically updated with a product receipt update. Generally, this option is used with the Warehouse management functionality.

It is mandatory if you enable Registration requirements check-box on Item’s Item model group setup, if not then not mandatory.

I don’t think it is possible to perform multiple registrations for multiple POs at a time. You might need some customization around the common form used for handling multiple POs. For example: Arrival overview.

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Thanks a lot for your nice description.!!