Purpose of "Date Filter"?

Can anybody tell me the purpose of the default “Date Filter” that is set on most screens (e.g. Sales Header)? By default, it is set to ‘’…(WORKDATE-1D). If I remove it it does not seem to change anything. So what is it for.?

This date filter will be used on sales orders → tab “Shipping” → field “Late Order Shipping”

From Navision Help Date Filter Field The Customer Table In this field, you can set a date filter. If this field contains the starting and ending dates for a time period, a field such as Net Change will display the net change for that time period only. You can enter a date or a time interval. There are certain rules for how they should be entered: Meaning Sample Expression Entries Included Equal to 12 15 00 Only those posted on 12 15 00. Interval 12 15 00…01 15 01 …12 15 00 Those posted on dates between and including 12 15 00 and 01 15 01. Those posted on 12 15 00 or earlier. Either/or 12 15 00|12 16 00 Those posted either 12 15 00 or 12 16 00. If there are entries posted on both days, they will all be displayed. You can also combine the various format types: Sample Expression Entries Included 12 15 00|12 01 00…12 10 00 Entries posted either on 12 15 00 or on dates between and including 12 01 00 and 12 10 00. …12 14 00|12 30 00… Entries posted on 12 14 00 or earlier, or entries posted on 12 30 00 or later - that is, all entries except those posted on dates between and including 12 15 00 and 12 29 00.

The standard explanation of the “Date Filter” field is that it is a so-called flowfilter. It is used to set filters on flowfields into other tables, where the date filter is included in the link. Design the Customer table and take a look at the CalcFormula property of the “Sales (LCY)” field for an example of how that works.

I thik what Marcus was asking, is not WHAT the field is, but WHY it is populated with upto yesterdays date. The reason for that is because of Promising and Reservations and availability. Its used so that the value is carried on to other forms that are opened from the Sales Order form. and just makes the coding easier. In reality it only has one problem, and that is that it puts that annoying FILTERmark at thebottom of the screen, which is confusing to users. IN fact you just have to tell them to ignore that warning on the order form.