PurchTable updation while Purch Requisition Accept

In my customization, i want to update PurchTable, when Request for quotation Accept.


In base, when i Accept Request for quotation replies, Purchase order create’s. while creating Purchase order i want to update one value into my customized field.

\Classes\PurchAutoCreate_RFQ is responsible for creating the purchase order.

Have a look at \Classes\PurchAutoCreate_RFQ\setPurchTable

Thanks for you reply, i place my code in initFromPurchRFQTable method. It is called from \Classes\PurchAutoCreate_RFQ\setPurchTable method. But it is not working. Is any alternative to achieve this.

It’s working. :slight_smile: Problem is code is not updated. It required to run the Full CIL Generation. Once i Run Full CIL Generation(System administration>Periodic>Compile into .NET Framework CIL). now working fine.

You need not to run the Full CIL every time. After doing your changes run the Incremental CIL(If the Full CIL is completed successfully earlier).

You can also make use of Execute Business Logic on CIL from Tool → Options → Development. Un-check it so that logic will not be executed on CIL, which will make your life easier as developer for debugging and testing the changes. Note: Only use this in development environment.