PurchQuickQoute From


as a very green developer I have two questions in rearding to the form above:

  1. How do I get the form to start on the ‘new items’ tab?

  2. How do I on the New Items Tab filter the item dropdown to only show items from inventtable where primaryvendorid = the chosen vendor on purchtable?


Set the tabpage , auto declaration property to Yes and in run method at end use setFocus on that tabpage

This tabpage uses inventTable2 datasource, so you need to filter the records in that data source.

for that you need to find the caller data source that is purchTable. which already exists in \Forms\PurchQuickQuote\Methods\doApply method . so make that purchTable variable as global and move the code to init method purchTable = element.args().record();

override the executeQuery method of the inventTable2 data source and apply the range and value

thanks a lot Kranthi,

Step 1 worked like a charm… I’ll look at step 2 tomorrow…

Thanks again for your quick response and help.