purchformletter class

Can anyone give me the std code in purchformletter.chooselines. because i feel there are changes on method in my code. i want to compare both the code.

Why can’t you compare the code in SYS/SYP with the layer in which it has been changed by using the compare tool?


Thanks for the idea. I never try before… How to do that?

Hi Jenny,

Right click on the PurchFormLetter.ChooseLines() and click compare. This will open a new dialog where you can select two layers to compare.You may select sys/syp layer under blue and the customized code layer(top layer such as usr,cus,var,etc) under red. This is to identify the code in two different layers.

Click Compare button. If there are any changes on the method then the code changed will be shown in corresponding colour as selected in the layers above. You can scroll down to see the changes the new opened dialog. If any code is added it may be shown in blue(as we have selected the top layer as blue) and if any code is deleted it will be show in red(bottom layer).


Compare Tool

Hi Sushanth and Kranthi,

thanks for the information. i will try it out.