purchases of fixed assests

Hi All,

How to create the Purchase order for fixed assests in MS AX 2009 ? Can you explain in detail ?

Thanks in advance.

Hi All,

I have created the Purchase order for an fixed assest in AX 2009 as explained below.

  1. I have selected a service item code - 1901 , becuse service item so as not to hit the inventory accounts while being purchased and Qty = 2.
  2. In the General Ledger Parameters a setting set that allows Fixed Assets to be created from Purchase Orders.
  3. On the Fixed Assets tab check the ‘New fixed asset’ check box. All of the fields except the Fixed Asset Group will be grayed out. Selected the Fixed Asset Group as COMP ( Under this group already 7 assests are created like COMP-001 , COMP-002, COMP-003, COMP-004 , COMP-005 , COMP-006 COMP-007)
  4. Now when i try post the packing slip ,system throws the following error

Purchase order: 000074
Item number: 1901
Cannot create a record in Fixed assets (AssetTable). Fixed asset number: COMP-001, Installation Services.The record already exists.

Can i know what i am getting the above error ?

Check the number sequence for that fixed asset group.

Thanks Teja,

I could not find that number series code in the General ledger parameters , so can you guide me path to find that number series code for the Fixed Assest Group ?

Any idea about the issue ?

Go to Fixed asset group form and check the nubmer sequence attached is set there is a continous or not.

  • Jagadeesh K

Also check the data in next field. Make sure that number sequence is in proper manner.


Hi ,

Please find the below Fixed Assest group number series configuration details.

Smallest - 1

Largest - 999

Next number - 8

Format - COMP - ###

Continuous - Yes.

Please let me know what is the problem.

It would be great if some one can provide answer on this.


In the FA group, is autonumber fixed asset is checked?


Yes ,

I will sugget you to ask a developer to debug the cause, some basic setup might be missing.


Do the cleanup in the number sequence to delete current number which is stuck then give the next number properly