I have some question about Purchase :

  1. When we calculate invoice discount in PUrchase order, if the total amount is less than minimum amount in Purchase invoice discount navision will add 1 lines for service charge. Account for service charge is setting in which setup table?

  2. When we post invoice and there is WHT for the item, example the WHT % from WHT posting setup table is 8 %. But when navision insert into WHT Entry table the WHT% become 7.5%. And there is no line discount or invoice discount. Why the WHT become 7.5%? How to calculate the WHT %

  3. What is the different between cost amount (expected) and cost amount(actual)?

  4. When we post receive, application will insert cost amount(expected) = qty * unit cost. Then when we post invoice application will minus the cost amount (expected) with the cost amount (expected) when we post receive and cost amount actual = qty * (direct unit cost excld vat - line disc - inv disc). Why navision need to that?
    Thanks before if someone can answer my question

  1. “Cost Amount(Expected)” is the cost that system posts while receiving items. As at that timr the exact cost is not known to the system. So it just calculates that based on (Unit price*Quantity). The exact cost is only known if you receive the invoice. It can be same or different than the expected cost

Wen system receives the Invoice in actual, then it knows exactly the cost,and calculates it based on the formula (Quantity* (direct unit cost excld vat - line disc - inv disc).

so before posting a new entry with cost amount actual system has to reverse the previous entry posted with “Cost Amount(Expected)” so it passes a negative entry for cost amount (expected) and cancels that, and then posts a new entry with “Cost Amount(Actual)”

  1. You must have got the answer if read answer (3) carefully.

Thanks Anurag already answer my question.

why we only know the item price when we receive invoice?

How about question no 1 n 2 do you know the answer?

Or anyone can help me


well i know, but not very sure…so didn’t post that.

Let some other great minds at wrk here answer that…

1 - This is in the customer group.

2 - This is an Indian Localisation so I cannot comment!

4 - Remember Navision does not “need” this, expected costing is optional.

  1. Where is the Indian Localisation? So what should i do , if i want to retrieve the WHT % from WHT Posting Setup table.

  2. If the expected cost is optional, in what form i should setup so the expected cost will not insert into Value Entry if I post receipt for Purchase Order

Sorry I have seen WHT referred to in previous Indian based postings. I am assuming it is some form of tax, but obviously I do not know. Perhaps it is like VAT, but it would not be good for me to give advice on something I know nothing about.

Expected cost posting is a flag in the Inventory Setup. Untick it and you get NO expected costs - this is not split between PO and SO as they are potentially related.

Why when i post invoice that have charge (item) and the charge item is assigned to 2 item. When insert into value entry charge item for item that the costing method is standard, navision will insert 1 line that the Entry type is DIrect cost which is the amount is positive and 1 line for Entry type Variance which the amount in negative. And for the other item that the costing method is Average navision only insert 1 line for Entry Type Direct Cost.

I didn’t tick the Expected Cost Posting. But when i post purchase receipt still insert the cost amount expected

Then you have no financial posting to the interim accounts. There “expected” costs are not relevant to you so ignore them.

What would you expect it to do?

If your standard cost item matche the standard cost you would have no variance and therefore one line.

Not sure what your issue is here