Purchase variance problem

Hi, Experts We run Attain 3.01B and based on Standard cost method, and found a strange problem about purchase variance, that Purchase credit memo and return order did not post any variance to purchase variance account as it did in previous version 2.6D. This we can not understand that when we posted a purchase order, caused a variance amount into purchase variance account, later we cancelled the order by posted a credit memo, but amount in variance account was not removed. Any help or information will be highly appreciated. Kind Regards Frank

Hi Frank Not 100% sure, but if you don’t have Exact Cost Reversing ticked on in the Purchase and Payables set-up then when a credit memo is processed it is costed at the unit cost of the item, and presuming the item is standard costed, in teh standard cost environment this will mean no variance will be created. Regards Steve

Hi, Steve You are great, It is exactly this flag, I tested, and after run “Adjust Cost - Item Entries”, I got the reverse purchase variance. Thank you a lot. Best Regards Frank Gao