Purchase Returns

Hi All

I am a ne bee in nav world. As an end user i would like to know ho can i accomplish following tasks?

Assume that i am a distributor for products of few manufacturers

I have an agreement with my principals/Vendors that if certain product from their supply do not sale within three months from the date of receipt, i can return the product or if the product has a shelf life or expiring date i can return the expired items to my vendor. How these scenarios are handled in nav.

I should be able to generate the list of items either expiring or not sold for over 3 months and process returns,


It can be solved with Item Tracking, and a generic (or real) Lot Number should be added to every batch of purchased Item.

Some setup must be done - Item Tracking itself, how ExpiryDate will be assigned (auto/manual), what the NAV actions will be if you try to sell an expired Item etc.etc.
This post will become a novel if I try to give instructions in detail :slight_smile: but I at least gave you directions where to dig, even in Help there should be enough info.

If the above is set up correctly & running, you can use standard report Item Expiration - Quantity. Two issues only:

  • I strongly advise to try first in non-production copy of the database, the setup is rather tricky. When you are sure all is OK & running as expected, clone the setup to Production;
  • Keep in mind, that old entries before the setup changes will NOT have all the necessary data.